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A chat with Jean Chatzky on XM's "Oprah & Friends"

March 20, 2009

One of the wonderful things about doing publicity for Happily Ever Divorce: Notes of a 20080601_oaf_jchatzky_90x69Joyful Journey, is that I get to hear the reactions of people who read my book.  I had a wonderful on-air chat with Jean Chatzky this week (click the link to hear the first 5 minutes) that seems mostly to have included her exclaiming how much she resonated with the post-divorce experiences I write about.  She shared that she herself went through a divorce in recent years, and indentifed with those moments I in which I inwardly trembled, “Can I really do this?” only later to discover, “Yes, I can … and I did!”

“I want to thank you for writing this book,” she told me.  Music to a writer’s ears. 

Goodness knows, there are enough people out there (I call them the Naysayers in a chapter called “Banish the Naysayers”) who are so ready to proclaim that divorce is the end of the world.  So how great that her audience heard the message that we could now both attest to: that you can, and will, live happier ever after divorce.

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