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What Laura Campbell does for love

March 25, 2009

Did you ever meet someone who you could immediately spot as a person doing what she does not for money, but for love?  That’s how I felt when I sat down for coffee recently with Laura Campbell.

Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell

Some years ago, after triumphantly coming through her own divorce, Laura Campbell founded her coaching company Laura Campbell Companies, dedicated to “Helping Women Regroup, Renew, and Reinvent Themselves Before, During, and After Divorce.”  She also founded “The D Spot”, an online community for women experiencing the journey before, during and after divorce.

I was touched when Laura explained why she tries to make her coaching and seminars highly affordable.  She also offers as many free services as possible, including her free teleseminars, a free “Guide to Finding Balance for Divorced Women,” and “Divorce is a Journey” guide, as well as a Meetup group called  “Divorcing Happily Ever After” (sound familiar?)

Says Laura,  “Everyone I speak to going through a divorce is worried about finances.  In the best of times, financial issues are a strain. In the worst of times, spending is impossible.  For me to withhold valuable support to people who so badly it, but just can’t pay much for it, is simply not an option.”

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that in addition to her divorce coaching business and raising her two sons, Laura has got a full-time day job. Sometimes you just know when someone’s heart is bigger than anyone’s bank account can ever be.

I’ll be speaking at one of Laura’s free teleseminars on Monday, May 11 at 9 p.m.  Here’s her complete schedule.

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