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The publicity whirlwind

March 31, 2009

I knew it was coming.  And yes, of course I wanted Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey to receive media attention so that people could find out about, and hopefully buy a copy of the book.

There was a terrific article by Christina Hennessy in the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Times yesterday – even the photo was OK. This morning, I was interviewed for CBS -AM Newsradio 88 by Pat Farnack for her “Health and Wellness” report that will air next week. Two more radio interviews tomorrow, one a station in Washington, DC, another in Charlotte, NC.

Before each one, I check my notes and practice “sound bites,” having being cautioned that I can get over-wordy. Well, of course I can – I’m a writer who always depends on being able to edit down that second, third and fourth draft.  But not on TV, and not on the radio.

It can all get a little overwhelming.  It was easier to write the book, I think.

I love hearing comments from interviewers who have actually read the book (an author can always tell) and find positive things to say.  It gratifies me to be told that even if they haven’t been divorced, they found moments they could relate to.  Moments like “losing it” in front of one’s kids.  Or getting impossibly lost as I did in Rome, due to a non-existent sense of direction. 

But best of all is when they tell me something like, “I’m going to buy your book for a friend of mine going through a divorce, who could use some cheering up during a tough time.” That’s exactly what this is about – and why I spend all this time practicing my “sound bites”. Even if I do have a tendency to run on.

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