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Could a Free Second Honeymoon Prevent Divorce?

October 24, 2009

HoneymoonCoupleSittingonBeachNow here’s an interesting thought: having relationship problems? Go away on a really fun trip.  If you’re married, call it a “second honeymoon.”  That will fix things, all right.

In addiction and recovery circles, they call that “doing a geographic”: subscribing to the idea that a change in geography will bring about a change in oneself.  The problem is, you take you self, and your problems, with you.

Or in the case of this article I came across, you take your spouse – the same person you’re having a hard time getting along with at home.

Courtney Rubin from wrote about an interesting strategy in a state in Malaysia for cutting its divorce rates.  Courtney writes:

A Malaysian state is hoping to cut its divorce rate by offering free second honeymoons to couples on the brink of a split.

The government will pick up the tab for warring couples to spend three days and two nights on one of the tropical islands off Terengganu state.

“Newly-wed couples are facing numerous problems. Among them are financial issues and problems related to their in-laws,” Ashaari Idris, the state’s welfare, community development and women affairs committee chairman, told AFP news service. Terengganu is a Muslim-majority state in Malaysia’s northeast. Under Islam, divorce is allowed, but frowned upon.

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From my own personal experience, “doing a geographic” never worked very well.  We were still annoying each other, but surrounded by more interesting scenery.

I’m interested to know your thoughts on this.  Did a great trip or a “second honeymoon” ever do the trick for you?

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