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New book review of Happily Ever After Divorce

November 16, 2009

A terrific web site called Since My Divorce (“Celebrating the good from divorce”) just posted a lovely book review of Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey. I’ll definitely add this to my list of recommended blogs.iStock_HappyGirl

I especially like this quote from the review:

“Jessica’s message about divorce is consistent with my mission for this blog – it’s about celebrating the good that can from divorce. There is no denying that divorce is difficult and painful but she sees it as a solution not a problem. She sees it as transformational and an opportunity to leap forward into a better future…

The book would be a thoughtful gift for a friend facing the end of her marriage or considering that possibility.”

Holiday shopping, anyone?

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  1. September 1, 2010 2:01 pm

    Men who threaten to take away the kids are engaging in post separation violence. It is common for batterers to threaten to take children away from the battered woman by proving her to be an unfit mother. For this reason, some lawyers advise women not to tell courts or mediators about child abuse or domestic abuse because, by doing so, they risk losing custody to the alleged abuser!

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