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An evening of support, information, and a vision for your future

November 22, 2009

When I was going through my divorce, aside from well-meaning friends and family, I was pretty much on my own as I went into battle.  I had a wonderful therapist for guidance, but that was only in once-a-week limited doses. I didn’t realize how many other resources were available that I might have leaned upon, not just for emotional support, but for all the nuts-and-bolts of information would have  empowered me to better take on the monumental challenges of divorce – which included finding the right divorce lawyer, putting my house on the market, and planning for my financial future.

This is why I am so glad to be joining forces with four terrific  professional women for a very special evening on December 8 in Westport, Connecticut.  Called “An Evening of Support, Information, and a Vision for Your Future,” we’re putting together an upbeat, intimate program for anyone facing divorce. 

The evening is the result of collaboration with licensed marriage and family therapists Nancy Wergeles LMFT and Elizabeth Crossfield LMFT; attorney and MSNBC-TV Senior Legal Analyst Susan F. Filan, MA, JD; and Lili A. Vasileff, CFP, CDFA and President of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners

Our message will multi-fold:

  • You don’t have to go through it alone.
  • There are professionals who can guide you through the process, while watching out for your and your children’s best interests.
  • Good, solid information will empower you as you go through the process.
  • You can – and you WILL – get though it – and then a better future awaits!

If you know anyone who lives in the greater NYC or Connecticut area who would like to attend, please pass along this invitation.

See you there!

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