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Did you hear me on the radio yesterday?

December 19, 2009


The oddest thing … yesterday people started emailing or pulling me aside to tell me that they had been driving and just heard me interviewed on WCBS NewsRadio.

That was news to me.  After a morning swim at the Y, I had spent most of the day in my home office in front of my computer.

 “What was I talking about?” I asked them.

“Something about how you decided to get a boyfriend after 9-11.”

Now how cool was that? CBS News Radio had repeated an interview I had done this past spring, shortly after the publication of my book Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey.  I had spoken with Pat Farnack, who does the Health and Wellness Report, about the message of the book: that divorce need not be something regarded as mournful, but can be the beginning of a happy new life, as it was for me.

She also got me to recount the somewhat embarassing story of how I met and started dating Bob – the man with whom I was eventually to fall in love and to become engaged.

It’s a funny story.  But sorry, I’m not going to tell it here.  You’ll have to listen to the interview.

Or better yet, buy the book!

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