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Windswept and wireless

March 15, 2010

Here’s an explanation for my radio silence. We had a major rain and windstorm on the Connecticut coastline on Saturday.  The result in my town, and on my very own street, was devastation the likes of which I have truly never seen before.  Trees toppled, ripping through roofs, fences,  and cars.  A few streets away from my mine, a woman was killed when a huge tree landed on the car she was driving with her three sisters. 

And of course, most of the electric wires in town are down.  I can hardly complain about having no power when just about no one else does either.  Fortunately, my good friend Shirlee, upon whom the electricity gods took mercy, offered me room in her refrigerator/freezer and  for my rapidly melting stash of food. I’ve already made two trips over.

The crowded library. See if you can spot me and Bob, desperate for wireless access.

But there has been a bright spot.   It’s taking place at the Westport Public Library, where the entire town seems to have gathered for heat, outlets, and wireless access.  I’ve never seen the place so crowded, and it can feel like  zoo.  But when I can get over my frustration at how long it takes to get online – not to mention that icky 4 p.m. feeling from not yet having made it to the Y for a hot shower – I have to admit, there’s something kind of fun about all this.  It’s a chance to see just about everyone I know in town, all in one  place.

They say it might take the rest of the week to get  power restored.  I am fairly certain that by Wednesday I will no longer find any of this the slightest bit fun.

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  1. Risha Shaw permalink
    March 15, 2010 11:02 pm

    I feel for you. A speeding car crashed a utilitypole sending my house, and the neighborhood, into total blackout for 9 hours. I cannot imagine a week like that. At least there are no stuck subways in Westport. You are lucky that Shirlee took your food, too. Just glad your house is intact, and that you and Bob are well. I did find you both in the library picture.

  2. March 20, 2010 1:22 am

    Do you have your power back yet? I am in Norwalk and only without electricity for a day and a half, but that was quite enough. We have four enormous trees – an oak, a hickory and two beeches — and they were waving like willows in the wind on Saturday afternoon, but they didn’t uproot as so many of the evergreens did.

  3. March 20, 2010 3:56 pm

    Got power back just after midnight on Wednesday. Since then I’ve been ransoming back the food that I’ve stored in refrigerators around town. Glad to see you back, steaks and potstickers!

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