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Westport Writers’ Workshop Expands, Launches New Space

May 13, 2010

The room was packed.

The Westport Writers’ Workshop had a standing-room-only crowd at the launch of our new space at 3 Sylvan Road South in Westport Friday.  The excitement generated by our new venue where writers can gather with writers, write alongside other writers, and develop their craft, was unmistakable.  For me, it’s truly a dream come true.

The first hour was just a lot of catching up and schmoozing over wine and appetizers.  Then several members of the faculty – Suzanne Hoover, Matt Debenham, Valerie Seiling Jacobs, Patricia Hermes, and I – read from our own work. Our members told us it was a delightful opportunity to hear from us, for once, rather than the other way around.

Matt Debenham read from his newly published short story collection "The Book of Right and Wrong" while Suzanne Hoover looked on.

It also reminded me one basic fact about writers: we write in order to be read.  Or in this case, heard.  Published or not, serving as willing and appreciative readers for each other is how we writers keep ourselves motivated to keep writing.

Here’s a great article in today’s Westport Minuteman that explains what we’re all about and how we came to be.

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