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About the Book

Happily Ever AfterWhile more than half of all marriages end in divorce, joy and happiness does not have to die with it.  Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey gives a seldom touched-on view of divorce – a positive view of life on the other side.

A uniquely upbeat approach to “going it alone,” Happily Ever After Divorce shows readers how author Jessica Bram, an award-winning radio commentator and essayist, maintained a sense of self and humor during a most difficult time, and emerged triumphant.

While being true to divorce’s pain and challenges, Bram’s personal stories reveal the exhilaration, joy, growth, and triumphs of moving through difficult times and emerging stronger and happier at the other end. In this candid, intimately written book, you will discover:

  • How the author rebuilt her self-esteem through handling everything from everyday tasks to earning a living with newly discovered talents
  • How children can thrive when parents approach custodial issues with respect
  • The delightful aspects of spending time alone, single parenting, and unexpected friendships
  • How Bram approached dating with humor and an upbeat attitude
  • How, after rebuilding her life, the author opened her heart and found love again.

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From Publishers Weekly

PW_logoIn her first book, essayist Bram convincingly disputes the common belief that there’s no life after divorce. At age 41, the mother of three young children, Bram was in a loveless marriage. But she was surrounded by people who insisted it would be hell on her and her children; even the marriage counselor she and her husband saw presented her with studies about the irrevocable trauma divorce inflicts on children. But Bram was out to prove them wrong, and in her memoir, she recounts the steps she built to create a new life and take joy in finding her own true self. Whether slogging through legal paperwork, arranging custodial visits or re-entering the world of romance, Bram put her sons first, and they all came through intact. For anyone facing divorce, Bram’s frank and optimistic tale shows that one can not only survive divorce but thrive in the new possibilities life will offer. (Apr.)

From Women’s Memoirs

I’ve just finished reading Jessica Bram’s memoir, Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey and am eager to share my thoughts about it. Like many readers of our blog, I know that the act of divorce is painful. Nothing about it seems joyful, even if it is what you want. Yet that is the perspective that Jessica brings out in her writing. (Read the full review)

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For more information on the book, including excerpts, videos and other resources, such as helpful links to divorce support sites, other helpful books and publications, and to find out more about Jessica’s food program visit:

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